A bulleted list is created using the HTML <ul> tag. Each element in the list is separated using the <li> tag. For example, the following code

<ul>List Title<li>Item1</li><li>Item2</li></ul>

will create the following…

List Title

  • Item1
  • Item2


A bulleted list can be inserted into the Left Item Text, Right Item Text, Header, or Instructions. Theoretically, a bulleted list could exist in the Subheader, but the Subheader can only contain up to 240 characters, resulting in a very short list. Additional Tips

Adding a bulleted list to the Left Item Text may result in spacing issues, as shown below.

JQuery can be used to avoid a spacing issue. The following JQuery, when added to the Instructions column of the Section, will increase the width of the Left Item Text and set the text to left-alignment:

<style type=”text/css”>.aka_text_block{width:200px;text-align:left;}</style>

After making this chance, the list is much easier to read: Example Files

Try It Yourself!

Example CRF: Click to Download