OpenClinica version 3.6 provides new features, bug fixes, and enhancements

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Feature Name

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OC-6193 REST WS Call to get all records from a site or study (XML / JSON) The ability to get clinical data records for all subjects via a REST WS call in XML or JSON format
OC-3865 Behavior and status of event CRFs before and after importWhen importing data it must be possible to have the status of the event CRF go to either Started or Completed. It must also be possible to skip records based on their current status (for example, do not update a record which has a status of Completed).
OC-6323 Email Based authentication for participantsThe ability to generate notification to the Patient via email so that they can connect to Participate
OC-6290 Notification Action A notification action that can support messaging and variables as part of the action to send notification(s) to Participants or a specific email address. Can support different modes of delivery (currently SMS and email)
OC-6325 Run rules in batched on a scheduleAbility to have Notification Actions run in batch on a schedule so that they do not have to be user triggered but will run regularly and generate notifications according to the rules
OC-6393 Notification Action logic Expressions can execute against Event Start Date and can use + / – with integer values, support use of _CURRENT_DATE and can use conditional and relational operators when comparing start_date. Use of Items are not yet supported for this logic.
OC-6400 Rule Management updates Updating the Manage Rules interfaces and Rule Designer to support the new rule action, Notification Action

Changes and Fixes

Feature Name

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OC-6191 Deleting an Event CRF clears the form for Re-entryDeleting an Event CRF must set all of its values to blank and must reset all of the in-form logic (for required fields, validations and rules) so that the form can be re-entered.




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