To view information about the current Site, click the Site name link in the Other Info sidebar panel or at the top of the page. The view Study Metadata page opens, showing information for the current Site.

To view all Sites assigned to the current Study and access information for each Site:

  1. Change the current Study to the Study whose Site information you want to access.
  2. Select Tasks > Build Study.
    The Build Study page for the current Study opens.
  3. In the table, for Create Sites (Task 6), click the View icon.
    The Manage All Sites page for the current Study opens, listing a summary of information for each Site in the Study.

    Manage All Sites

  4. To view information about a Site, click the View icon in the Actions column for that Site.
    The View Site Details page opens for that Site.
  5. The View Site Details page displays information for the site. From the page, you can print all CRFs for each Event by clicking the Print icon in the Event section.
  6. Click Exit to return to the Manage All Sites page, from which you can make changes to Site details or the Site status.