To view the details for a Study Event from within the Subject Matrix, select the Event from the Select an Event drop-down list, located above the column headers.

This page is similar to the default Subject Matrix, dipslaying the table with one row per Subject, but the columns are for the Case Report Forms (CRFs) for the Study Event you selected. The first column, Event Status, contains an icon that indicates the overall status of the specified Event for that Subject.

Each cell in the CRF columns contains an icon showing the status of the CRF for that Subject. Hover the cursor over an icon to see more information in a pop-up window. To see the actions you can perform for that Event, click the icon. You can then select the action you want to perform for that particular CRF, including View, Edit, Remove, and Print. Removing an Event marks any CRFs that contain data as Invalid; if needed, you can later restore a CRF you removed. For details about Editing, see Enter Data for an Event: Completing CRFsClick X in the corner of the pop-up window to close it.

Event Details in Subject Matrix for the Registration Event, After Clicking an Icon for a CRF

Event Details After Clicking Icon

To restore the default Subject Matrix view after viewing Event details, select All Events from the drop-down list.