To access the Subject Matrix, click Subject Matrix in the navigation bar.

The Subject Matrix is a table with Event information for all Subjects in a Study. You can view, enter, and change information for Subjects and their Events in the Study, starting either with the Event or from the collection of all information for the Subject. There is one Subject per row, with the Study Subject ID in the first column. The other columns are for each Event Definition in the Study.

Each cell in the matrix contains an icon that identifies the status of the Event for the Study Subject. Move the cursor over an icon in the matrix to view and access a Subject’s data and to access actions you can perform for that Event. Refer to the Icon Key in the sidebar for icon descriptions, and see About the Event Status for more details.

When the current Study/Site is set to the overall Study level, the matrix shows all Subjects in the Study. When the current Study/Site is set to a Site, the matrix shows only Subjects at the Site.

To add a Subject to the Study, click the Add New Subject link, which is just above the column headers in the matrix. For more details, see Add Subject.

To work with a Subject across multiple Studies in your OpenClinica system, or to change information about a Subject that cannot be changed using the Submit Data module, instead use the Administer Subjects features in the Administration Module.