If you no longer need the data in an Event CRF, you can delete that Event CRF. This is most often used when one Subject’s data has ben entered into another Subject’s form. Unlike the Remove action, once a Study Event CRF has been deleted, that data cannot be restored.

You cannot delete a Study Event CRF if the Event status is “scheduled” or “not scheduled.”

To delete a Study Event CRF for a Subject:

  1. In the Subject Matrix Actions column, click .
    The View Subject page opens.

  2. For the Study Event CRF you want to delete, in the Actions column, click Delete Icon.
    The Delete CRF from Event page opens.

  3. Click Delete Event CRF.
    A confirmation box displays.
  4. To confirm the deletion, click OK.
    The View Subject page opens, reflecting the deletion of the Study Event CRF for that Subject.

After you delete a Study Event CRF:

  • The CRF is cleared of all data and is available for re-entry.
    • All Notes and Discrepancies associated with the Event CRF are set to auto-closed and attributed to the username of the person who deleted the Event CRF.
    • All Rules that had executed based on the deleted data are reset.
    • All fields that have show/hide functionality are reset to their original state, whether show/hide is done in a Rule or using Simple Conditional Display.
  • The Study Event CRF status is “data entry started.”
    The status is set to “data entry started” because data entry was started on this form, and there is provinence data associated with that Event CRF (e.g., the audit log and any auto-closed Notes and Discrepancies).