Create the data import XML file using the OIDs for your Study, and the data for each Item. Use the example in this section as a template for the structure of your data import file. You can also download example files.

Starting with the <SubjectData> tag, the general structure is that the tag for an element contains the tags for its subelements, and so on, through the hierarchy. The heirarchy is: Study Subject > Study Event Definition > Form (CRF) > Item Group > Item. So within a <SubjectData> tag are the <EventData> tags for that Subject, and so on.

For Repeating Events and Repeating Item Groups, specify the value 1 for the first Repeat Key, 2 for the second Repeat Key, and so on.

Following is an XML import file that imports data into a demographics form in the sample Juno study:

To create an XML data import file:

  1. Download the import template
  2. Open the import template in an XML editor
  3. Save the template as an XML file.
  4. Modify the template as needed to meet the requirements of the data you are importing. Instructions are provided throughout the template for guidance.