1. Select Tasks > View Study.
    A page with details about the current study opens.
  2. From the Oveview section, record the Study OID.

    View Study - Study OID

  3. From the Sites section, record the Site OID.
  4. From the Event Definitions section, record the Event OIDs.
  5. For the Event Definition whose CRF OIDs you want, click the View icon.
    The View Event Definition page opens, displaying a table of CRFs for that Event.
  6. In the CRFs table, click the View icon for the CRF whose OIDs you want.
    The View CRF Details page opens and displays a table of Versions.
  7. From the Versions table, record the OID for the version of the CRF you want to use.

    View CRF Details

  8. For the CRF version you want, click the Metadata icon Metadata icon.
    The View CRF Version Details page opens.
  9. From the View CRF Version Details page, record the OIDs for the Item Groups and Items.

    View CRF Version Details