This is how the CRF status progresses through the data entry process:

CRF StatusIconDescription
Not StartedNot Started IconThe CRF has not been opened for data entry.
Initial Data EntryInitial Data Entry IconThe CRF has been opened for data entry. The user might have entered some or all data into the CRF.

Data Entry Complete




Initial Data Entry Complete

Data Entry Complete Icon





Initial Data Entry Complete Icon

The CRF has been marked complete. All required data has been entered and saved, and the OpenClinica edit checks have been performed. The completed icon is displayed when the CRF is not configured for double data entry; in the CRFs table, the Double Data Entry column in the Enter or Validate Data page, shows n/a (not applicable). If you make changes to a CRF when the status is complete, the status remains complete; if the system is set up to create a Reason for Change Discrepancy Note, you will be required to fill it out.



If the CRF is configured for double data entry, indicates the CRF has been marked complete after the initial data entry and is ready for double data entry.

Double Data Entry StartedDouble Data Entry Started IconA user has opened the CRF for double entry. The status of double data entry for a CRF is shown in the Enter or Validate Data page, in the CRFs table.
Double Data Entry CompleteData Entry Complete IconWhen the CRF has been marked complete after the double data entry.
LockedLocked status iconThe OpenClinica system automatically sets the status of all CRFs for an Event to “locked,” when you set the status of the Event to “stopped,”, “skipped,” or “locked.” When the CRF status is “locked,” you cannot enter or make changes to data in it. To enter data or change data in the CRF, you must change the CRF status by changing the Event Status.