To see a list of Discrepancy Notes or to find a Discrepancy Note, see Manage Discrepancy Notes.

To view a Discrepancy Note in OpenClinica:

  1. Go to the CRF page that contains the Discrepancy Note.
  2. Hover over the flag icon for the Item that has the Discrepancy Note.
    OpenClinica displays a pop-up window with summary information about the Discrepancy Note.
  3. Click the flag icon to view details about the Discrepancy Note.
    OpenClinica displays details for the Discrepancy Note in a Notes and Discrepancies window.
    If there are multiple Discrepancy Notes associated with the Item, each Note is presented in a separate table, and has a unique Note ID.
  4. When you finish viewing the Note details, close the Notes and Discrepancies window by clicking Exit Window in the top right corner.


Example of an Annotation Discrepancy Note:

View a Discrepancy Note