You can download Discrepancy Notes to a file:

  1. Use the Notes and Discrepancies Filter so the table shows only the Notes you want to download. All data for those Notes will be downloaded, that is all the data that appears when you click Show More, even if you did not click Show More.
  2. Click the Download button download, which is located above the column headers.
    The Download Notes window opens.
    Download Discrepancy Notes
  3. Select the format for the downloaded file from the drop-down list:
    • Comma separated values (CSV), which is best for use with other software, such as a spreadsheet or database.
    • Portable document format (PDF), which creates a file that is easy-to-read and to print.
  4. Click Download notes.
    Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted to open or save the downloaded file.
  5. In the downloaded file:
    • The CSV file contains one row for each Note, whether it is a child or parent Note.
    • The PDF file shows a parent Note in bold, followed by the child Notes associated with the parent Note, in the normal font style.
  6. In the Download Notes window, click Close Window.


Example of Page from Downloaded Discrepancy Notes, PDF File:

Downloaded Discrepancy Notes PDF File

Example of Records from Downloaded Discrepancy Notes, Comma Sepated Values File:

Downloaded Discrepancy Notes CSV File