Use the OpenClinica Notes and Discrepancies table to view a summary of Notes and Discrepancies for the current Study or Site.

A quick way to see the table with only the Notes and Discrepancies assigned to you is from the OpenClinica home page. The home page opens when you first log in to OpenClinica, or you can access it at any time by clicking Home in the navigation bar. The home page reports how many Notes and Discrepancies are assigned to you in the current Study or Site. Click the link to see those Notes in the Notes and Discrepancies table.

To view the table of all Notes and Discrepancies for the current Study or Site, click Notes & Discrepancies in the navigation bar. From the table, you can also find Notes and Discrepancies that match criteria you specify, and take action on individual Notes. The features you can access depend on your user Role in OpenClinica.

At the top is a table of summary statistics, which you can show or hide.

Below the summary statistic is the main table, which contains one row for each Discrecpancy Note. In this table:

  • Entity Name refers to the CRF Item that the Note is associated with.
  • Entity Value is the value recorded in the CRF for the Item.
  • Description is the description provided in the Discrepancy Note.
  • Assigned User is who the Discrepancy Note is assigned to, if anyone.

Notes and Discrepancies for a Study