Following are actions you can take for Notes and Discrepancies, from the Notes and Discrepancies table.

  • Print: To print the table in its current view, click the Print icon, which is above the column headers.
  • View More Information for Notes: To see the detailed description and other information for all Discrepancy Notes, click the Show More link, which is above the column headers.
  • View Details for a Note: To view all details for a single Discrepancy Note, click the View icon in the Actions column for that row. The Discrepancy Note opens in a window. To close the Discrepancy Note, click Exit Window.
  • View CRF and Note Details: In the Actions column, click the View within Record icon Ressign . OpenClinica opens the Discrepancy Note as well as the CRF page the Note is associated with. If the CRF Status is Completed, you may also edit data in the opened CRF page. Otherwise, you may only view the data on the page, but can modify the Discrepancy Note. After you close the Note and the CRF, OpenClinica displays the Notes and Discrepancies table.
  • Update a Note: For instructions to update a Discrepancy Note when you view it, see Update a Discrepancy Note.
  • Find and Organize Notes
  • Download Notes