The navigation bar, which is near the top of the page, provides access to the main features in OpenClinica. The features available depend on your user role.

  • Home: Wherever you are in OpenClinica, click Home to go to the home page for the current Study or Site.
  • Subject Matrix: The Subject Matrix is a table with Event information for all Subjects in the current Study or Site. You can view, enter, and change information for Subjects and their Events in the Study. There is one Subject per row, with the Study Subject ID in the first column. The other columns are for each Event Definition in the Study. Each cell contains a colored icon that identifies the status of Event(s) for the Study Subject. Move the cursor over an icon in the matrix to view and access a Subject’s data and actions for that Event. Refer to the Icon Key in the sidebar for icon descriptions. See more details about the Subject Matrix.
  • Add Subject: Allows you to add a new Subject to the Current Study or Site.
  • Notes & Discrepancies: Notes and Discrepancies provide query and discrepancy management capabilities to help you verify the accuracy and completeness of data in a clinical trial. Use this set of tools to flag and track issues that arise when capturing, monitoring, and managing data in a Study (such as incomplete or inaccurate data), and to facilitate communication between users (such as Clinical Research Coordinators and Monitors) to resolve these issues. See more details about Notes and Discrepancies.
  • Study Audit Log: The Study Audit Log provides a history of actions for subjects in the Study. See more details about the Study Audit Log.
  • Tasks: Click Tasks for a menu of actions you can perform in OpenClinica. The actions are grouped into modules in the Tasks menu. Modules and items included in the Tasks menu depend on permissions for your user Role.
  • Report Issue: Click the Report Issue link when you experience what you believe is a problem with OpenClinica. See more details about reporting issues.
  • Support: Click Support to access support information. See more details about getting support.
  • Search Box and Go Button: To view a history of Events for a Subject and access other information about the Subject, enter the Study Subject ID in the search box; then click Go or press Enter.