The body of the home page for a user whose Role is Data Specialist shows the Subject Matrix. The Subject Matrix is a table that has one row of information per Subject in a Study, with the Study Subject ID in the first column. You can view, enter, and change information for Subjects and their Events in the Study. The other columns are for each Event Definition in the Study. In each cell of the matrix, an icon identifies the status of Event(s) for that Study Subject. Move the cursor over an icon in the matrix to view and access a Subject’s data and actions for that Event. Refer to the Icon Key in the sidebar for icon descriptions. See more details about the Subject Matrix.

Tasks Available to a Data Specialist

Modules (groups of Tasks) available for the Data Specialist to use are:

  • Submit Data
  • Extract Data
  • Other

Some Tasks a Data Specialist can perform are:

  • View All Subjects
  • Add Subjects
  • Add New Study Events
  • View Study Events
  • View Datasets
  • Create Datasets