There are three User Types: “user,” “business administrator,” and “technical administrator.” When a user is created, they are assigned their User Type. The User Type for an existing user can be changed.

Users assigned to the User Type “business administrator” or “technical administrator” can perform these tasks in OpenClinica (the tasks are in the Administration module):

  • Create new Studies
  • Work with information across multiple Studies
  • Manage user accounts
  • Schedule data import and export jobs

When the User Type is “technical administrator,” the user can create, modify, and remove a user of any User Type. A “business administrator” User Type cannot create, modify, or remove a “technical administrator” User Type.

When the User Type is “user,” the user cannot access the features in the Administration module. They can access features for working on Studies or Sites, such as adding Study Subjects, scheduling Study Events, and completing CRFs.

The User Type applies to all Studies and Sites in the system. A user cannot have different User Types at different Studies and Sites.

See also the full list of the Permissions for User Roles and Types and User Matrix.