All exports that are scheduled to run or are currently running are said to be in the queue. You can view the queue and cancel any of the exports in it. The queue includes scheduled export Jobs, as well as exports you manually executed using the Extract Data module: see Generate and Download Dataset for more information.

  1. Select Tasks > Jobs.
    The Administer All Jobs page opens.
  2. Click View Currently Executing Data Export Jobs.
    The Currently Executing Data Export Jobs page opens, listing all scheduled export Jobs and any extracts you manually-executed that have not yet completed running.

    Current Export Jobs

  3. To help you find specific exports, or organize the exports shown, you can sort the queue by clicking any of the column headers. For example, click Fire Time to show queue entries in the order they will be executed. You can also filter the entries by entering text in any of the fields beneath the column headers and clicking Apply Filter.
  4. If you want to stop the entry that is currently running, or remove any entry from the queue, click Cancel Job, then click OK in the confirmation dialog box.
    • If the export you canceled is one that you manually executed, it no longer appears in the queue.
    • If the export you canceled is a scheduled Job, it remains in the queue, but the value for next Fire Time advances: it cancels only the next scheduled export for that Job. If you want to stop a scheduled Job from running more than once, see Modify Scheduled Export Jobs – Remove Job.
    • If the next export in the queue was waiting for the export you just canceled, that next scheduled export will start running.