To view all scheduled import data Jobs:

  1. Select Tasks > Jobs.
    The Administer All Jobs page opens.
  2. Click View All Import Data Jobs.
    The View Scheduled Import Data Jobs page opens, listing all scheduled import Jobs and information about them such as the Previous Fire Time (last date and time the Job executed), and Next Fire Time (the next date and time the Job is scheduled to execute). The time used is server time, which is reported on the page.

    View Scheduled Import Jobs

  3. View summary information about the Jobs in the table. You can click any of the column header links to sort the Jobs by that column. Use the Find field to find all Jobs whose Name, Description, Study, or Times includes the text you specify.
  4. To see details about a Job, click the View icon for it.
    The View Job page opens for that Job.

    View Import Job