Before you can create an import Job, the file(s) to be imported must exist at a location specified in your OpenClinica system configuration. For information about creating an import file, see Data File for Import. For more about the location of the import files, see filePath in the file in Configuring the OpenClinica Application.

To create an import Job:

  1. Select Tasks > Jobs.
    The Administer All Jobs page opens.
  2. Click View All Import Data Jobs.
    The View Scheduled Import Data Jobs page opens.
  3. Click Create a New Import Data Job.
    The Create Scheduled Job: Import Data page opens.

    Create Scheduled Import Data Job

  4. Complete at least the required fields. Refer to the following information as needed:
    • Import Job Name: The name must be unique among all Job names on your OpenClincia system.
    • Import Job Study: The Study or Site where the data will be imported to.
    • The default filepath to import from: The value reported here is the filePath specified in the file; see Configuring the OpenClinica Application for details. If your files are being imported from multiple locations, put all of the files into the filePath location.
    • You can create a new directory here …: If you want to put the files to be imported for this Job in a subdirectory of the location specified in filePath, enter the name of the subdirectory here. The subdirectory must exist.
    • Frequency: When you complete creating the Job, it runs for the first time. After that, it runs regularly at the interval you specify here. For example, if the current time when you save this page is 08:10, and you specify a frequency of 12 hours, the Job will run at 08:10 today, and again today at 20:10, then again at 08:10 and 20:10 tomorrow and each day after that.
    • Contact Email: Each time the Job completes running, the OpenClinica system sends an email notification to the addresses you specify here, stating that the imported data Job has completed. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma, for example:,
  5. Click Save.
    The import Job runs and an email including a link to OpenClinica is sent to all email addresses provided. OpenClinica moves the files from the filePath location to another folder so that the same files are not imported the next time the Job runs. The View Scheduled Import Data Jobs page opens. It now includes the scheduled import Job you just created, showing that the Previous Fire Time is the current time and the Next Fire Time is based on the interval you specified for Frequency.