Before you can create an export Job, the dataset definition must exist. For information, see Define Dataset.

To create an export Job:

  1. Select Tasks > Jobs.
    The Administer All Jobs page opens.
  2. Click View All Export Data Jobs.
    The Scheduled Export Data Jobs page opens.
  3. Click Create a New Export Data Job.
    The Create Scheduled Job: Export Dataset page opens.

    Create a Scheduled Export Job

  4. Complete at least the required fields. Refer to the following information as needed:
    • The list of datasets to export includes dataset definitions that already exist for all Studies.
    • Set the time using server time, which is shown just below the title and uses a 24-hour format. The Job will run for the first time on the date and at the time you specify in Start Date/Time. The Job will run again at the same time on a date that is based on the interval you specify in the Period to Run.
    • Each time the Job completes running, the OpenClinica system sends an email notification to the addresses you specify here that the exported dataset Job has completed. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma, for example:,
    • For information about file formats, see Formats for Dataset Files.
  5. Click Confirm and Save.
    The Scheduled Export Data Jobs page opens. It now includes the scheduled export Job you just created.