16 Release Notes - OpenClinica 3.2

OpenClinica 3.2 provides Subject Casebooks for archival purposes with full audit history and Discrepancy Note information. OpenClinica 3.2 also supports more REST APIs for getting and filtering clinical data, updated stack requirements and has vastly improved automated test coverage (almost entirely automated). 

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Feature Description
Printable Subject Casebooks Print full Subject Casebooks  including all provenance data (full audit trails and discrepancy notes).
Stack upgrade (updated version of Tomcat and JavaJDK)

OpenClinica 3.2 can now run on Tomcat 7 and Java 7 (Tomcat 6 and Java 6 are still supported).

Excel download of Audit logs Download the audit log to excel from the audit log window.
Performance enhancements for Extract Data Adding indecises has greatly improved performance of extracts (~ 4 - 10x faster based on  test results).

Changes and Fixes

Feature Description
i18n enhancements and fixes  
Add ordinal (occurrence) to discrepancy note download to CSV

Download of Notes & Discrepancies to Excel now contains ordinals for repeating Events and items in a grid.

Fixes to web services  


Feature Description
 Support for Oracle (OpenClinica will no longer be supported on an Oracle database)  


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Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues in the 3.2 version of OpenClinica.

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