1 Release Notes - OpenClinica 4 Stack 4

OpenClinica 4 Stack 4 contains a variety of enhancements and fixes to OpenClinica. View the entire Stack 4 changelog here (login required).

Highlights include: 


  • Added support for non-visit-based events (known as "Common Events"). Repeating Common Events can be used to achieve repeating form functionality for use cases such as Adverse Events or Concomitant Medications. Non-repeating Common Events can be used for single-entry forms such as Early Termination.
  • Redesigned Subject Details page to support both visit-based events and common events and make the UI more user-friendly. Each Common Event is displayed in a separate collapsible section. Common Events can be configured to display form data as part of the table view on the Subject Details page. Common Events tables have new sorting, filtering, and pagination functionality. 
  • Added customer-wide People table to the Administration page. This includes a Deactivate option to remove user access at the customer level. (Note that user access can also still be removed per study.)
  • Added new file types for file upload items on forms. The following items are now supported (in addition to image): audio, video, and file (for generic files).
  • Three drawing items are now supported - draw (for drawing on blank canvas in multiple colors), annotate (for uploading an image and then drawing on it in multiple colors), and signature (for collecting a black and white signature). Each of these are saved as image files.

Changes & Fixes: 

  • On the Subject Matrix, each Subject ID is a link to go to the Subject Details page for that subject. This is helpful if the Subject Matrix is very wide.
  • Improved cross-form logic performance by making only subject clinical data accessible (not study metadata).
  • Uploaded files and drawings can now be downloaded directly from a form. The UI for uploading/removing files has been improved to prevent accidental file removal.
  • When inviting users to a study, you can search for existing users by name, username, or email address.
  • Updated the Share Page People table in Study Build System to have more user-friendly pagination and to make most columns sortable. Date columns now show both date and time. User Status is now included in the table.
  • When uploading a form, style "no-text-transform" is automatically applied to the form so that it doesn't need to be specified manually. This ensures that forms display label text case-sensitively.
  • When uploading a form, appearance "no-collapse" is automatically applied to each group so that it doesn't need to be specified manually. This ensures that the form user does not accidentally collapse a group and hide data unintentionally.
  • Improved performance and functionality support for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.


  • Removed Print icon from form view.

Functional approval by Paul Bowen (pbowen), Product Owner. Signed on 2018-04-18 5:21PM

Approved for publication by Jim Bonica (jamesbonica). Signed on 2018-04-18 5:29PM

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