4 OpenClinica 4 - Release Notes 2017

OpenClinica 4 Stack 2 (Release Date - 18 December, 2017)

OpenClinica 4 Stack 2 contains a variety of enhancements and fixes to OpenClinica, and is the first fully validated release of OpenClinica 4. View the entire Stack 2 changelog here (login required).

Highlights include: 


  • Reason For Change is required when data chnages are made to complete forms
  • User account audit log can be downloaded from Study Build System
  • SDV can be configured per form
  • Documentation/tutorials embedded in the application

Changes & Fixes: 

  • Single Sign-on enhancements

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OpenClinica 4 Stack 1 (Release Date - 1 October, 2017)

OpenClinica 4 Stack 1 is a major redesign of OpenClinica and contains hundreds of enhancements and fixes to OpenClinica. View the entire Stack 1 changelog here (login required).

More information on OC4 is available on the OpenClinica blog: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Highlights include: 


  • New Study Build System with drag-and-drop design and publish to test and production from one design
  • New form engine with improved look-and-feel, mobile friendliness, autosave, multimedia capabilities, real-time skip logic, edit checks, and calculations

Changes & Fixes: 

  • Improved study UI
  • Cleaner Extract formats for CRFs with multiple versions
  • Multiple modules working in a microservices model as opposed to a single Java application/WAR file
  • Separate database schemas for each study


  • Double Data Entry 

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