16 OC4 Randomize

OC4 Randomize allows you to:

  • Randomize directly within OpenClinica
    • Simple
    • Blocks
    • Random Permeated Blocks
    • Minimization
  • Stratify by age, sex, site, or any CRF item
  • Generate randomization lists
  • Send email notifications
  • Allocate randomization code at follow-up visits
  • Manage code lists
  • Generate randomization codes for labeling treatement kits

If you need to randomize, you need OC4 Randomize! Contact support@openclinica.com to schedule a meeting to discuss your randomization needs.

Functional approval by Laura Keita (lkeita), Director of Training and Compliance. Signed on 2019-01-31 6:28PM

Approved for publication by Benjamin Baumann (bbaumann), Principal. Signed on 2019-01-31 10:24PM

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