13 Module Management

Manage the add-on modules you use or would like to use for your studies. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Access the Modules tab from the Share page or from the Modules selection on the gear icon on the Design or My Studies page.
  2. Determine which module(s) you’d like to activate. Available modules are displayed with descriptions of their functionality. Click Learn More on any of the Module cards for more information on a specific module.
  3. Click Request Access to begin the activation process for the specific module or modules that you’d like to use.


Additional fees may apply. Once you request access, the OpenClinica Customer Support team confirms that the module is included in your contract. If it is, the module is activated. If the module is not already in your contract, Customer Support or Sales will contact you to ensure your contract includes everything you need to use OpenClinica to its fullest!


For more information about using any of these modules, see the topics below.




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