12 Locate Object Identifiers in a Study

Unique Object Identifiers (OIDs) are created for each of the following objects in any given study:
  • Study
  • Site
  • Study Participant
  • Event
  • Form
  • Item Group (bind::oc:itemgroup as defined in your forms)
  • Item
You may need to reference these OIDs in the process of designing your study (when creating cross-checks in a form - see the last pages of the Form Template for more information, or when using Web Services.
To locate the OIDs for your study:
  1. Go to your study.

    OIDs are the same across environments, so you can go to either Test or Production.

  2. Select Tasks > View Study or click on your Study name in the upper left corner of the title bar.

There are two options for locating OIDs. You can either use the OpenClinica interface to drill down through each object or download the study metadata and locate the OIDs within the XML code. Both options are available on the Study Details page. Instructions for each option are detailed below.


Locate OIDs Using the OpenClinica Interface

  1. In the Oveview section of the Study Details page, record the Study OID.

  2. In the Sites section, record the Site OID.

  3. In the Event Definitions section, record the Event OIDs.

  4. For the Event Definition whose Form OIDs you want, click the View icon.

  5. In the CRFs table, click the View icon for the CRF whose OIDs you want.

  6. In the View CRF Details table, record the OID for the Form.
  7. For the CRF version you want, click the metadata icon .

  8. In the View CRF Version Details page, record the OIDs for the Group(s) and Item(s) (in that order).


Locate OIDs in the Study XML File

If you are familiar with XML file structure, you can locate OIDs in the Study metadata file.

  1. On the Study Details page, click the Download study metadata link.
  2. Open the Study metadata file in a browser or text editor.
  3. Scroll through the file to locate the OIDs.

Following is an excerpt of a Study metadata file that provides an example of the structure:

Continue to scroll through the metadata or collapse sections as needed to locate the Item Group and Item OIDs

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