11 Share and Edit Study Settings

Once a study has been created, Data Managers can design the study, share that study with sites and users, edit the study settings, define and edit Participant ID settings, and publish the study to either the Test or Production environment.

Designing a study is addressed in the link above. The remaining topics are addressed below.

Access the Share Page

The Share features allow you to add Sites and invite users to access your study. In the Share interface, you can also access Study and Participant ID settings and User Roles.

To access the Study or Participant ID settings, access the Share page as follows:

  • From the Design or My Studies page, click Share and select either Test or Production:


  My Studies:


The Share page for the selected environment displays.

Add Sites

If you are going to invite site users to access your study, then you should first add the site. To add a site, in the Sites section of the Share page, click Add:

Start to type the Site name, then select the Site from the list or select the option to Add a new site.

If the Site had already been added to your other environment (Test or Production) for this Study, then the fields will be prefilled with the site information. Otherwise, complete the Site form and click Save:

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required; all other fields are optional.

Once sites are added, the site table can be sorted and paginated. Click on the toggle button next to a column header to sort by that column. Ten sites are listed per page. Use the pagination buttons under the table to navigate as needed.

Invite Users

If you are going to invite site users to your study, add the site(s) first (see above), then invite users.

To invite a user to a study

  1. On the Share page, select the appropriate tab for the environment where the user will work. Then click Invite.

  2. Start typing the user's email address or username. If the user already exists in the Test or Production environment for this study, you can select the user from the list that displays. Otherwise, click Invite new user.

    The Add User page displays:

  3. Enter values for each of the fields. For User Type, most users should have a type of User.

    Users with a User Type of Admin have access to all studies across all environments within your organization. This level of access should be restricted to as few users as possible (one or two users is the norm).

    When all fields are completed, click Create User.

  4. When prompted, select a role for the user from the list of available roles:

  5. If you selected a site-level role, select a site from the list that is available. To provide access to another site, for example a monitor who is responsible for montoring two sites, click in the Site box again and select additional site(s) as needed.

    When finished granting the appropriate access, click Invite.

    The user is created and is listed in the People table on the Share screen.

View Earlier Study Designs

The Share page tracks the publication history for each environment (Test and Production). Scroll to the bottom of the Share page to see the publication history. To view a previously published version of the study, click the View Study Design link to the right of the version you'd like to view.


A read-only version of the previously published study design displays:

Though no changes can be made to this version of the study, you can view form and event settings, download form versions, preview forms, etc. - any action that does not involve any changes to the displayed design.

The header clearly indicates this is a read-only version, and includes a link to quickly access the current version of the study, which is fully editable.


Some form attributes (checklists, tags, and labels) show the values that they have in the current design, regardless of their state in the previously published version. In the Test environment, if a form version was overwritten after a previous publication, only the newest version of that form version is available for preview and download. This is not a concern in the Production environment since form versions cannot be overwritten.

Edit Settings

Though the Administrator is the only user role with access to create a study and define the initial study settings, the Data Manager can edit those settings at any time. In addition, Data Managers can set Participant ID settings to be generated automatically by the system based on a specific Participant ID format.

All Study and Participant ID settings apply to both the Test and Production environments, and are effective immediately upon saving the settings.

To access the Study or Participant ID settings, access the Share page as follows:

  1. On the Design page, click the gear icon and select Settings:

      Or, on the My Studies page, click Share and select either Test or Production:


    The Share page for the selected environment displays.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

Edit Study Settings

  1. To edit study settings, to the right of Study Settings, click Edit.

    The Study Properties page displays: