4 Add Participants

Participants must be added to a study before you can enter data for those Participants. There are different ways to add Participants:

  • Manually, one at a time. With this method, there are two options, depending on how your Study was set up:
    • Manually enter Participant IDs
    • Auto-generate Participant IDs (Data Managers can define this Study Setting; for more information, see Edit Settings
  • Batch load a list of of Participants
    • Administrators with Data Manager access can "pre-load" the Participant IDs using Web Services

In addition, your Study may be configured to limit the number of Participants. If it is set up with a Participant limit, once that limit is reached, you will not have access to add new Participants.

  • If you are responsible for adding Participants for your Study or Site and do not see the "Add Participant" option on the Tasks menu, then the Study has reached its maximum number of Participants and no more Participants can be added.
  • If you are a Data Manager and would like to change the maximum number of Participants allowed for a study, see the Study Settings information in Create a Study

Add Participants Manually

  1. If you are not on the Participant Matrix page, go to your study and from the Tasks menu, select Participant Matrix.

    The Participant Matrix displays; it may or may not already have participants listed:

  2. To add a new participant, click Add New Participant above the matrix.

    If your study has been designed to allow manual entry of Participant IDs, the following displays:

    2a. Enter the Participant ID and click Add.

    If your study has been designed to auto-generate Participant IDs, the following displays:

    2b. Click Add and the Participant ID is generated for you.

    Regardless of how the Participant ID is generated, once you Add the Participant, the Participant Details page displays and you are ready to start entering data for the Participant.

    For information on entering data for a Participant, see Enter Data.

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