OpenClinica 4 User Documentation

OpenClinica 4 (OC4) has a user-friendly interface; is seamlessly easy to use; and includes built-in, context-sensitive help in case you do have questions or need guidance at any time. Onboarding training is also built into OC4, so you can learn to use OpenClinica as you use OpenClinica to build your studies. Some of the features of OC4 include:

  • Real-time collaboration for study, event, and form design
  • Push-button publishing your studies to test or production environments
  • Easy site and user management
  • Auto-saved changes during study design as well as during data entry and editing
  • Easy integration with other study management or clinical systems
  • Intelligent management of amendments, form versioning, and discrepancies
  • Rich, visual reporting

For our OpenClinica 3.x customers, you'll see a new user interface, new study building and form building tools, and shorter timelines from start to finish for the study build process.

For new OpenClinica customers, you'll be able to easily build your first study and learn as you go with our integrated documentation and training tools.

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