5.3 Create Study – Edit Details

You can add or make changes to details for the current Study using the Study Setup module.

  1. Access the Build Study page by selecting Tasks > Build Study.
  2. In the Actions column of the table, for the Create Study task, click the Edit icon.
    The Update Study Details page opens. Values that were already supplied for the Study, either when it was created or in a previous editing session, are shown on the page.
  3. Complete at least the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) for each section on the page; you need to expand each section to see the fields in it.

    Note: If a required field does not have a value, you cannot save any of the information you provide. If you cannot provide the value for a required field, enter a temporary value so that you can save all of the information you entered, then update the temporary value later. For more information about the fields, see About Study Details.

    Note: There are some OpenClinica configuration settings that impact every Study. See Configuring the OpenClinica Application.

    Study Details

  4. After completing the fields, click the Submit button.
    The Build Study page displays.

Expanded Sections in the Update Study Details Page:

Conditions and Eligibility Section

Facility Information Section

Related Information Section

Study Parameter Configuration Section

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