2.5 Entering Data for an Event Into CRFs

In OpenClinica, users provide information about an Event for a Subject using Case Report Forms (CRFs). There are different ways to fill in CRFs in OpenClinica:

  • You enter the CRF data during or after an Event using the OpenClinica web-based interface. OpenClinica prevents users from inadvertantly entering data for the same CRF at the same time by making the CRF unavailable. There is also an option for double data entry that helps ensure the integrity of the data in the data entry process.
  • You import CRF data for one or more Events from a file into OpenClinica. The import can occur once, or can be scheduled as a recurring job. For more details, see Import Data.
  • Use SOAP Web Services: see the import Data Web Service API in the OpenClinica Technical Documentation.

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