4.6 SPSS File Specifications

When you select the SPSS format for an exported datasetOpenClinica produces a package of files for use by the SPSS program. The files have been tested with the SPSS Windows software, version 20.

Although SPSS can read almost any ASCII file and deduce parameters for some of these variable attributes, any other attributes must be typed in by hand, which is tedious for large datasets. Instead of generating an ASCII format dataset file from OpenClinica for use with SPSS, select the OpenClinica SPSS Syntax file format (.sps) which, in association with the data file (.dat), will automatically load the data with the correct variable definitions and attributes into SPSS.

SPSS Data Definitions cover ten main properties for any variable: Name, Type, Width, Decimals, Label, Values, Missing, Columns, Align, and Measure. OpenClinica currently supports automated definition of Name, Type, Width, Decimals, Label, and Values using the SPSS Syntax file format (.sps).

The following topics describe the structure and syntax of the OpenClinica .sps dataset file and corresponding .dat file.

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